Type details for Scottish Burgh/District

Type:Scottish Burgh/District
Number of units in system: 740
Geographical Level: 9 (Middle-level District)
ADL Feature Type:countries, 3rd order divisions
May be part of: Scottish County
May have as parts: Local Govt. Ward , Scottish Parish
Possible status values: Burgh of Regality (BuRe) , County Landward (CLandward) , Unknown Status (UBu) , Burgh of Barony (BuBa) , Large Burgh (LBu) , Parliamentary Burgh (PaBu) , District of County (DoC) , Police Burgh (PoBu) , Royal Burgh (RoBu) , Small Burgh (SBu)

Full Description:

Burghs were essentially urban settlements which enjoyed trading privileges from medieval times until 1832 and which regulated their own affairs to a greater or lesser extent (depending on the type of burgh) until the abolition of Scottish burghs in 1975. Burgh status has implications for historical records. Separate valuation rolls and electoral rolls were compiled by royal and police burghs until 1975. Burgh Records: Burghs produced characteristic forms of historical record, such as court books, guild records, registers of deeds, financial accounts, and, latterly, records of burgh institutions such as schools and libraries. ((c) The Scottish Archives Network Ltd. All rights reserved 2000)