Statistical Atlas

A Vision of Britain through Time includes census data and other statistics from two centuries. This national overview lets you access a statistical atlas of Britain organised by theme.



Densities and rates of growth. Age structure: concentrations of young people, and of the old.


How people made their living: identifying farming communities, pit villages, mill towns and so on.
Social structure

Social Structure

Social class and socio-economic groups. Concentrations of professionals, and of unskilled labourers.
Language & learning

Learning & Language

How many people were at school. The distribution of graduates, and of the unqualified.
Agriculture & Land Use

Agriculture & Land Use

How we use the land; crops and farm animals.
Births & deaths

Life & Death

Numbers of babies born. Deaths, especially infant deaths. Causes of death by age and gender.
Employment & poverty

Work & Poverty

Unemployment rates and poor relief. What proportions of men and of women did paid work?


Numbers of houses. Overcrowding: persons per room. Amenities: central heating, baths and WCs.
Roots & religion

Roots & Religion

Numbers going to church, and the kinds of churches they went to. The different religions of modern Britain.

Political Life

Election results, plus information on turn-out.