Type details for Modern (post 1974) County

Type:Modern (post 1974) County
Number of units in system:
Geographical Level: 7 (County)
ADL Feature Type:countries, 2nd order divisions
May be part of: Government Office Region
May have as parts: District/Unitary Authority
May have succeeded: Poor Law/Registration County , Administrative County , Ancient County
Possible status values: Metropolitan County (Met.C)

Full Description:

The Local Government Act of 1972 (20 &21 Eliz, c 70, effective 1974) led to the abolition of the Administrative Counties and their divisions (County and Metropolitan Boroughs, Urban and Rural Districts), these were replaced by Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Counties. In total, there were six Metropolitan and thirty-nine Non-Metropolitan Counties (with the exception of Greater London (Local Government Act, 1963 (11 & 12 Eliz. II, c 33)). Every one of these Counties was, in turn, divided into Metropolitan Districts and Districts. These were rearranged in the 1990's as Local Government Regions and Unitary Authorities were also introduced.